I actually took a small shell, a chair, and a little stove, but I didn’t take it out.
It was a day trip on January 30, 2021.​There was an ice sled ride by Gian and Narae from Nahon Mountain. < Yeoncheon Baekgok ReservoirI was so jealous that I started looking for a place where I could go ice sledding snow sledding with ice sledding snow.​There are many places where you can go with […]

It was a day trip on January 30, 2021.

There was an ice sled ride by Gian and Narae from Nahon Mountain. < Yeoncheon Baekgok Reservoir
I was so jealous that I started looking for a place where I could go ice sledding snow sledding with ice sledding snow.

There are many places where you can go with a child,
There weren't many places I could go with my dog.
Besides, the warm weather was continuing, so I thought the ice would have melted.
The list of possible places was like this.

  1. Chuncheon HOSONG CREAM / Cafè next door to Chuncheon
  2. Namyangju Water Garden - Dumpling Hairstyle
  3. Yangpyeong sheep ranch Yongmunsan camping site

    After discussion, I decided to go to Chuncheon.
    It's a day trip.
    Considering the route, I planned a trip to Chuncheon with my dog.
  • Chuncheon Uiamho (Sports Center Ice Skating Stadium)
    Restaurant: Noddak-rooster-galbi / Shinsegae Spring and Cheonjeong-tong Chicken-galbi
    Café: Potato Field / Sinbuk Coffee
    Cheongpyeong Temple

    On the day of departure, it began to snow and the car was backed up.
    Full of cars filling up the washer fluid at the rest stop.
    But thanks to the snow, it's a wonderful trip.

    Going to Lake Chuncheon
    All the reservoirs in Corona are off limits.
    unrestricted access
    I went to the ice-fishing place.
    I don't know the exact location to go down to the lake ice.
    I don't see any anglers.
    It was almost a sight to see.
    We're about to leave, and we're about to leave.
    There were people who asked me where I was.
    I don't know. I thought the ice was melted.
    Please find it later and let me know. Thank you so much!!!

    I almost missed it right under my nose.
    Just in case, I'm looking for an alternative.
    I was going to go to a pet cafe in Chuncheon.
    It was a place where water was frozen in the rice paddy next to the cafe and ice sledded. Next chance~

    We've had quite a few ice-fishing people.
    There are some people on the deserted side.
    I went for a walk with my sister on the snow sled with my puppy on it.
    I rode the ice sled that I made the day before.

    I actually took a little shell, a chair, and a little stove.
    I didn't take it out.
    Chopa and Karura were so cold that it was hard to sit down.
    I don't want to step on the snow, so I'm not even on the sled.
    My sister thought all dogs liked snow.
    He laughs a lot when he sees a sofa crying, "Open the door to every building he sees inside."

    When I go next winter,
    I'm going to take all the stove, the Shelter tent, and all the ice fishing stuff!!!

    after playing in somebody's code It's Dakgalbi in 여행 Chuncheon.
    I went to Koddakgo with my dog.
    I had to wait a long time even after lunch.

    So I went to a nearby pet cafe, potato field cafe, bought coffee, and bought a box of potato bread.
    I had to buy two boxes of this. It's in Pangyo Hyunbaek, so I'll buy it soon.
    It's not an indoor site after reading the nose, but an outside selter site.
    There was a lot of smoke, so I rolled up all the doors in the middle.
    It was warm because of the stove and the central charcoal fire.

    I'll leave the puppies in the chair.
    With charcoal fire, dakgalbi and rice.
    To digest. Cheongpyeongsa Temple.

    If the lake hadn't been frozen. If I had gone earlier.
    I would have taken a boat from Soyang Lake.
    We park in the parking lot of Cheongpyeongsa Temple.
    It takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get to Cheongpyeong Temple.
    refusing to walk in the snow (and calcium chloride).
    I was walking with my dogs in my arms.
    It's been a long time, but I don't think about showing up.

    So I couldn't even go to Cheongpyeongsa Temple.
    Back from Gusong Falls.
    But actually, I loved the waterfall too!!
    There was a ticket office around the middle, but I'm glad I didn't buy tickets because it was too late.

    After a short but difficult climb,
    Let's go home before the sun goes down!

    I was thinking about whether to have dinner or not in the middle,
    I thought lunch would be delayed and traffic would be heavy.
    When I got home after dropping you off, it was around 9 o'clock.

    I didn't ride much ice sledding, which was the original province.
    It was a very fruitful and happy trip.

    And my little Chopacaru didn't get up until the next day.
    I drove everything!!!

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