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As it gets colder, these days,frequently drinking warm coffeeI think it's recent.​When you're warming up,But the first thing I find is,I think it's a kind of hot tea.​But I've been working on it lately.Thanks to my friend's suggestion, I was able to get a business trip massage.I found out.​I have to introduce this place to […]

As it gets colder, these days,

frequently drinking warm coffee

I think it's recent.

When you're warming up,

But the first thing I find is,

I think it's a kind of hot tea.

But I've been working on it lately.

Thanks to my friend's suggestion, I was able to get a business trip massage.

I found out.

I have to introduce this place to you:)

This is what healing is all about.

It was a place that allowed me to experience it.

It's also about fatigue and warming up your body.

There's nothing better than a massage.

It was time to get to know.

I've never had a massage before.

He was an inexperienced man:

I didn't have a chance to get anything right.

Maybe it's because I don't feel like it's particularly necessary.

Until now, I've been living by neglecting my fatigue. Haha

And then, one day.

I got a call from a close friend.

You wanted to go get a massage.

That's how he asked me.

I was wondering what was wrong with him.

He's found out recently.

It's only for women.

You said it was a very good place.

I've never done this before. You have to take me with you.

You want to go there.

Maybe it's because I've been working too hard lately.

It's a pain in the shoulder. It's a good relief.

I was worried because I didn't.

I trust my friend and I'll go.

a business trip 안산건마 massage

I've been following him.

The first word that came in was...

I'm very keen on the term "female specialty.

It worked.

I think it's only for women.

wherever it is

for my first time using it's my first time.

It'll be less burdensome and reassuring.

I had an idea.

The business trip massage at Sinchon Hongdae

100% reservation system

We're in operation, so we're in advance.

You have to make a schedule.

Just because it's a reservation system.

There's no rush of customers at all.

Rather, on this day, only my friend and I were alone.

It's the day I use it, so I'm a VIP.

It makes me feel good.

I'm afraid the reservation system

We're going to focus on our customers so they don't overlap.

with this system because it can

I think it's in operation.

Once you get into the shop,

Pretty lights and interior accessories.

It caught my eye.

How can you be so cute and luxurious?

to the extent that one may want to

I think you paid a lot of attention to the interior design.

in admiration of the atmosphere

It's a new shop that my friend just opened.

He explained it to me.

Maybe that's why the overall feeling

It's like having dignity. It's kind of like that kind of atmosphere.

Well, I've got a lot of massage.

I chose a massage called Swedish.

The business trip massage is different from the normal shop.

There were a variety of courses.

So there's a wide range of choices.

You can get it to your taste.

It's already set.

She's a basic caregiver.

I can see it.

It started in Sweden, and to this day.

to the point of progress

He said it's a method with a deep history.

Plus, exercise therapy.

It's going to work.

I thought I'd be able to warm up properly.

I chose Swedish.

When all of these choices are made,

He'll be in the room. 🙂

I don't feel anything.

The moment you enter the room, you'll be surprised.

to see if you're making a fuss.

You kept shouting, "Don't let your heart out." Haha

I think I was nervous because it was my first time.

Lying in bed like this, getting care,

I only watched it on TV.

My friend was so proud of me.

I'm sure you'll feel better once you get it.

I thought there might be.

I got it looking forward to it.

The business trip massage at Sinchon Hongdae

Male caregivers take care of me.

I felt this after I received it myself.

The male managers are much more capable.

I think you're outstanding.

When my mom always travels,

You get a massage a day.

And every time, I've had a male caretaker.

You said you'd designate it.

I know exactly why.

It's delicate, but it's hard to find a place

He catches it right away.

That's how much fatigue you'll be able to get rid of course.

I think there was

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