I could feel it coming off right away.
To wear the jeans I wore last year againI've taken it out, and I'm pretty sure. the idea of going inI'm not doing it. I barely managed to squeeze in.Maybe it's because he's overweight, but Pete's dead.Should I? It looked really bad.Jeans are all about fit.So I decided to get an Ansan skin care right […]

To wear the jeans I wore last year again

I've taken it out, and I'm pretty sure. the idea of going in

I'm not doing it. I barely managed to squeeze in.

Maybe it's because he's overweight, but Pete's dead.

Should I? It looked really bad.

Jeans are all about fit.

So I decided to get an Ansan skin care right away.

I made up my mind.

No matter how many times you're in the house, you're still in the bathroom.

Even if it's for you, it's worth the expert's touch.

There's no law, right? Where would be good?

I was looking for the shop, and I finally found it!

It's Noble Story World Beauty Club.

Call in advance before you visit.

I made a reservation first. The staff member said,

You've been so kind to me too.

Explanation of various programs.

He made a reservation for a comfortable date.

You said we could do it, so I'm going to do it right away.

I decided to accept it!

As soon as I open the door, I check the heat.

You did. So I can make a guest book.

They gave us a guide. Not only that.

Hand sanitizer's all over the place.

I was able to use it comfortably.

There's nothing more important than hygiene these days, right?

Disinfecting, and its own you.

I was relieved.

The atmosphere is very luxurious, right?

It was an Ansan 일산건마 skin care shop with cleanliness.

So you can get comfortable care.

I'm sure you'll be able to guide me.

Wide variety of programs in place

That's why it's a solution that's right for you.

It also had the advantage of being able to get care.

The first thing we did was,

It was counseling. One-on-one with the director.

It was a private consultation.

You're the kind of person I'm feeling right now.

Ask me what the problem is.

You've done it. I've got my overall condition.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

And he's got us to figure out what's.

I thought, "You're a different professional.

I did it again.

Based on the results of the consultation,

You've provided the best solution.

My biggest concern was my lower body.

I've decided to get facial contouring done at the same time.

I did. I was able to get intensive care.

There were solutions. as varied as I am

Part is the problem. For those of you who want to.

It was a place where customized care was possible.

After the consultation,

I headed to the care room for immediate attention.

Noble Story World Beauty Club is a care room.

There were a lot of things.

I'll visit with my friends and lovers' families.

And a group room where you can enjoy the care.

It was prepared. all alone in silence

There was a single room for care.

I'm here alone, so I'm here privately.

I was escorted to a single room.

Next time you come with your mom.

I'm going to take care of my skin in Ansan together.

She took care of my face first.

I'm not as handsome as anyone else.

He's big, so he's a little stressed out.

I was. As I got older,

Maybe it's the law of gravity, but the jawline.

I feel like my cheeks are drooping.

It was stressful in many ways.

아무리 집에서 자극을 준다고 해도

자꾸 아래로 내려가는 살을 위로

탱탱하게 올려 줄 수는 없는 노릇이었지요.

이런 저의 스트레스를 안산피부관리를

통해 한방에 해결해 볼 수 있었어요

테콜테와 목 부분을 부드럽게

마사지 해 주시고 난 후에는 본격적으로

얼굴 윤곽을 바로 잡아 보고 탱탱한

There are various techniques that can make your skin look better.

It's been provided. eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

To make your features clear.

And of course, you're meticulous in stimulating me.

To complete the jawline in a thin manner,

And he did the same thing for me.
Take care of it. Take care of it once in the middle.

Do you have any inconveniences?

They checked it out. I'm with the tonic control.

They gave it to me. I'm going to do it strong. It's not like you're being cared for.

I thought it was a good thing. Teacher

What you say is, depending on individual circumstances,

It needs to be stimulated, but it's more perfect.

He said he could get care.
Rich experience, of course, know-how, technique.

He's got a back, so I trust him.

I could have left it to you. under supervision

The muscles on your face are soft.

I felt relieved. More facial expressions.

I think it's becoming more natural.

You get a lot better, you get a smaller face.

It's not only effective, it's also good for your skin.

I thought it was a double whammy.~
I need you to do some contouring.

After that, I'm going to take care of my lower body.

They gave it to me. They used their hands.

From the calves to the thighs.

They continued the process.

It's so cool everywhere you can reach.

It's refreshing, or it's really something you've experienced.

I think it's a thrill that only you know.

No matter how hard I tried, the muscles that couldn't work out

In one shot of the teacher's technique.

I was able to feel relaxed.

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